Current Release (1.9.0) this is the current stable release



* Collapsible and nested repository groups on the repositories page
* Runs on Java 11
* Retrieve SSH keys from LDAP
* User language preference
* Option to merge ticket branches fast-forward or with merge commit


Gitblit uses Servlet 3.0 and thus drops support for Tomcat 6. Run on Tomcat 6 at your own risk.

With the update to Lucene 5.5.2 reindexing of the tickets is necessary. This is done automatically during the first server start after an upgrade. Depending on the amount of tickets you have, this could take a little while. The old index is kept, so that a downgrade is still possible without losing information. The old index can be deleted, when a downgrade is no longer required.

The interface for the ITicketService changed. If you have your own derived implementation, rename `start` to `onStart`. (see commit 63dbdfda)

To support Java 9+, Gitblit can no longer load JARs from the 'ext' folder by itself. In order to include the folder, it needs to be added to the classpath explicitly by changing the command line. Check the new start scripts to see the new required command line.

The 1.9 minor version will be the last to support Java 7. From 1.10 on Gitblit will require Java 8.

When the `realm.ldap.bindpattern` property is set, GitBlit will only bind as the user to LDAP, not to a manager account or anonymously.

Older password storage mechanisms are deprecated, PBKDF2 is the new default. When you switch from plaintext to a hashed scheme, or from the older hashed to the new PBKDF2 scheme, the stored password of a user will be rehashed with the more secure mechanism when the user logs in.




  • Updated traditional Chinese translation (pull request #1110)
  • Load commit cache in the background to improve start-up time (pull request #1140)
  • Improved logging when sending emails fails, to assist in analysis (pull request #1144)
  • Support customized IUserService that can access application settings (pull request #1171)
  • Added feedback for invalid input on user SSH key form (pull request #1239)
  • Encode email sender's name with UTF-8 (pull request #1206)
  • Made Gitblit run on Java 9+ (issue 1262, issue 1294, pull request #1266)
  • The JRE version is reported upon starting
  • Add the `ext` directory to the classpath on the command-line to start Gitblit and related programs.
  • Report back that git command `clone.bundle` is unsupported instead of simply failing


new settings

git.sshAuthenticationMethodspublickey password

dependency changes


  • Bala Raman
  • Dongsu, Kim
  • Florian Zschocke
  • Fritz Schrogl
  • Glenn Matthys
  • Guilliam Xavier
  • Jan Breuer
  • Jia Zhi Wen
  • Lars Maes
  • Luca Milanesio
  • Markus Fömpe
  • Martin Spielmann
  • paladox
  • Rainer W
  • Rodrigo Andrade
  • Sebastiano Pilla
  • Thomas Wolf
  • Tue Ton
  • william
  • ybosy